Variable Stars

Fraom article Sturm/Schwab SuW 1982

Nava Aquilae 1982 lightcurve. From article Sturm/Schwab, SuW 1982

Already in the 1980th I observed variable stars at the Starkenburg Observatory Heppenheim, see articles of Nova Aquilae from german magazine Sterne und Weltraum (1982) and the german newspaper (1985).

Almost four decades later, on 2019-07-26, I discovered a variable star  with the Calar Alto Schmidt Telescope (funded by ESA). After further investigations it turned out, that it is the first known eclipsing stream-fed intermediate polar, a long sought star system.

  • For detailed informations, see: J1832.4-1627, the first star system of its kind -> 000-BNG-512

Since 2020 I am registered observer (individual code EERA) of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO).  The following lightcurves I have submitted to the database of the AAVSO:
-> 000-BNG-512 on 2020-05-25  cataclysmic DQ Herculis type, dwarf star rotation recorded
-> EP Dra             on 2020-05-30  cataclysmic AM Herculis type, eclipsing recorded